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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lord of the Game...Return of the KING!

The Aragorn of World Cricket is BACK... And with a bang so stupendous, even the deafs dare keep their ears open! The way SACHIN pulverised the Lankan Tigers (read cats) in the first two games, all his critics (me included... to a certain degree) were shown the class he has, and justified the GODLY status he commands in this country. The teams were almost the same (India & Sri Lanka) the matches - very much the same (ODI), the conditions - idectical (Indian Subcontinent). But the results exactly opposite - referring to the spanking India got in Sri Lanka 3 months ago.

What do you think made the difference... Was it Dravid's captaincy... or falmboyance of Pathan... or poor bowling by the Lankans (you can put your money on Murali n Vaas any day). Indeed the bowlers were good and fielders did well.. Batting was classy too... But the MAN who led the assault did it with such authority that it left the opposition gasping for breath. Such severe was his strokeplay that the destructive Sachin of yesteryears came to mind of all -- Indians to have something to cheer about, and Lankans (and probably other oppositions) to grief about.

As humble as the legend is, he never felt it necessary to speak with anything but his bat, which, when did speak, re-established the fact that FORM IS TEMPORARY, BUT CLASS IS PERMANENT. Even the super-duper Greg had signed him off while taking charge of Team India, stating that the maestro has left his prime well behind. So Mr. Perfect(or not-so-perfect Chapell), as with your comment above, it is just a matter of time that your thoughts regarding the Prince of Calcutta, (not surprisingly the most successful Indian Captain ever) come back as a slap on your face and Indian cricket be served by the ones who deserve most.

With such ominous signs being shown by Sachin, i wonder how soon will we be privileged once again to witness the Sandstorms of Sharjah or the massacre of bowlers in World Cups which have for years been the folklore out here. A complete darling of everyone, and being burdened with the weight of Indian Batting alone for a long time, he now has a battery of explosive batsmen to take the mantle and the only thing he needs to do is play like a true champion that he is. With age on his side, and GOD willing, injuries not disturbing him anymore, we can surely hope for a final knockout punch by the GOD himself, to bring back the glory of 1983, which has eluded us so much in the past!


  • ur rite dude. THE BOSS IS BACK IN TOWN.sadly I missed all the action and watching the replay/highlights is like eating ice cream after its melted.........but neways its good to see the indian team being back to its winning ways. We should apply the wait and watch approach as this is just the beginning, but what a start. Lets c how this all turns. Good luck to all.

    By Blogger Avik, At 12:57 PM  

  • Thats gr8 navs... But u missed some important chapter of his comeback. He spent lots of his "hard earned" money bye buying some board persons and whole srilanka team to make his comeback a kingly one. Thx for such a nice article...

    By Blogger Sourav, At 1:01 PM  

  • please sourav da!!! that's the last thing i would expect to happen before cricket is no longer played in india. Least of all, you found sachin only to allege such thing! he doesn't play cricket.. He lives it. And he's the guy who's responsible for the status cricket enjoys in India.

    By Blogger Naveen, At 1:08 PM  

  • gr8 post...

    By Blogger Rajesh Rana, At 1:39 PM  

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